The Gyalwang Karmapa Speaks About Garchen Tsechu – Bodhgaya, January 2014


The Gyalwang Karmapa Speaks About Garchen Tsechu

As part of the program of the 31st Kagyu Monlam, there will be the Garchen Tsechu puja.

From the time of the 14th Karmapa Tekchok Dorje up to the present, there has been an unbroken tradition of performing an elaborate Garchen Tsechu puja with lama dancing according to the rituals of Guru Guhyasamaja as revealed to Guru Chöwang.

Many different monasteries have come together to hold the Tsechu puja in the sacred site of Bodhgaya this year. The reason for this elaborate program is that Guru Rinpoche was one of the three people—the Abbot, Master, and King—who were instrumental in first spreading Buddhism to Tibet. During ancient times, our sole guide was Guru Rinpoche, and many masters have said that it is extremely important to pray to him.

Personally, from the time I was little I have naturally felt great faith in Guru Rinpoche. So for many such reasons, I myself consider it a great fortune to be able to hold this elaborate puja among a great ocean of the Sangha in this sacred place, and I think it is also a great fortune for all the monastic and lay people who attend.

The Tsechu practice and the rituals of the lama dance all come from a place called Tse in the region of Nedong, which is where Pakmo Drupa was born, and gradually it was passed down into the Kamtsang tradition.

So we pray that by holding this puja along with the Vajra Lama dance, the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism may spread and flourish, all decline in the environment and beings may be pacified, everyone in the world may be happy, and all the people in the Noble Land of India, and in particular the state of Bihar and the sacred site of Bodhgaya, may be happy and prosperous, and I believe that this will come true.