Advice on Compassion – Bodhgaya, December 2003


It seems that depression is widespread in many places of the world, especially in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Chinese communities in the modern times.

The disease has not appeared without cause. Therefore, to find out its cause in the first place is very important in order to prevent it. What is the cause of it? There must be many causes, but to speak according to my own experience, the frustration and unhappiness that is sometimes even driving people to commit suicide is mainly due to discontentedness and great expectations of whatever we set out to do. Sometimes when we do not realize our aim that causes hopelessness and great sorrow, which also lead to suicidal behavior.

Similarly, it is very hectic lifestyle in modern society due to the economic development. When we are unhappy in a very busy life and a confused state of mind that also lead people to taking one’s own life as we are not able to calm down. That is why, we have to be able to find out its cause in the first place, as there are many causes, and think about its remedy.

According to the Buddhist teachings, we have to have faith in the nature of cause and effect (karmic belief); to practice compassion and love is also important, but the most important point is to practice the mediation of “Shamatha”(calm abiding), the tranquil state of mind.